Follow Me Charters:  Serving The Ocean Isle Beach Area Since 1992

*We pick up from the dock behind Sheffield’s Sonoco Station on Ocean Isle.*

We have a very large top on our Coastal 21 boat, providing tons of shade.  We are the only inshore boat at Ocean Isle to have a big top for shade and allow for more than 4 fishermen. Our boat has tons of space with a large beam so six folks can easily fish. Contact Captain Fred at 910-612-5343 or Captain Forest at 910-473-7219 or simply book online.

Kid’s Inland Fishing

Private 2 to 3-Hour Inshore Kid’s (or Kid’s-at-Heart) Trip (Limit 6 passengers) 

We really enjoy taking groups of up to six persons on 2-hour or 3-hr kid’s fishing trip on our 21.2 foot or 27 ft. Coastal charter boats. The kid’s charter focuses on catching pinfish, croakers, pufferfish, perch, toad fish, pigfish, and spots in the Inland Waterway but we also sometimes catch, whitings, small black drum, red drum, trout, spadefish, and flounder but they are not the main target. Sometimes we catch little sharks, stingrays, moray eels, sea bass, grouper, snapper, ribbon fish, and cobia. You just never know what you will bring up as the juveniles of many ocean fish spend their first few years in the backwaters. We generally leave the dock with a combination of 6 zebco’s and 6 small spinning reels and everyone cast their own rods and have an enjoyable time.  We may even see dolphins in the waterway as they sometimes will move inland during the night. It is not uncommon to catch 10 different species on this trip and in 2021 we probably caught 30 different species in total on these trips. This trip does not go into the ocean although we may go near the inlet to the ocean. All fishing license, rods, tackle and bait are provided. The Captain will take off 50 fish for you and bait all hooks, you just enjoy fishing.  Forest stays rigged and ready to go fishing all the time.  This trip is also great for kid’s-at-heart customers ages 3 to 103 who just want to to catch a bunch of fish. We can normally catch over 10 fish per person on this trip in 2 hours – not normally big fish keepers just small fish action, with big fish possibility. 

We find that 2 hours is about the ideal time for 80% of children ages 2 to 5 as most are ready to return home to the pool, beach, or do something else after 2 hours.  Price $225 for up to 6 people, plus tip.

The 3 hour trip is the same business model as the 2 hour trip. The main difference is an extra hour to fish. With that extra hour, we can run the boat a little further from the dock and see more of the water and fish a bit longer.  We also have a little more time to try for a bigger fish. Most children 6 and up are never ready to quit fishing, so the 3 hour trip is a great option over the 2 hour trip. Price $325 for up to 6 people, plus tip.

If you do not see a time slot for this trip to book online that fits your schedule, please call Fred or Forest (910-612-5343; 910473-7219). We can likely fit you in depending on our schedule. 

All trips include: bait, tackle, ice for fish, NC saltwater fishing licenses, 20 minutes of fish cleaning, and free bottled water.  Be sure to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen (please no spray on, it makes the boat very slippery), hat, and what you wish to eat or drink (other than water). Tips are appreciated if you have a good time

*** No fuel surcharges, no credit card processing fees, no captain’s fees, and no extra person charges ***