Follow Me Charters:  Serving The Ocean Isle Beach Area Since 1992 

The $150 hourly rate is for chartering the entire 42 ft. Prowler boat, with captain (the rate is not a per person charge). We have the biggest boat, the newest boat, the cheapest rate, and the most hard working crew (father and son) at Ocean Isle Beach. You get the owners of the business as your captain and mate since 1992, not hired hands.

*We pick up on the docks behind Sheffield’s on Ocean Isle Beach*

All trips include: bait, tackle, ice for fish,  NC saltwater fishing licenses, 20 minutes of fish cleaning, and bottled water. Be sure to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, and what you wish to eat or drink (other than water).  Mate works for tips. Common in the industry but NEVER on the Follow Me are the following: No fuel surcharges, No credit card processing fees, No captain’s fees, No extra person charges *** and yes you get to keep the fish you catch (if in season/legal). 

Pay with check or cash please at end of trip (or charge on a credit card). 

Trips can be designed for any duration (4 hour minimum). Below are common trips run. We only run private trips. Nobody other than who you invite will be on your trip other than Captain Fred or Captain Forest and a First Mate. Max allowed is 6 passengers (not counting Captain and the First Mate). 

1 nautical mile = 1.15 highway miles

We generally fish at the end of the ranges for each trip, the further offshore the better the fishing.

Private 4 Hour Trip  – The 4 hour trip is designed as an introduction fishing trip that will range out to 10 nautical miles. On this trip we will fish for some combination of Spanish mackerel, sea bass, sharks with the possibility of a cobia, king mackerel, or barracuda.  Spanish mackerel fishing consists of trolling spoons with rods and hand lines at 5 to 7 mph. Spanish are excellent eating fish and average 1 to 2 pounds. Sea bass will be targeted by drifting with squid on heavier tackle or by jigging artificial lures on 12 to 15 pound class light tackle rods. Shark fishing is commonly done in the middle of Summer, 500 yards off the beach, when the bite on Spanish and sea bass slows down. However, there are always plenty of bass to be caught even in the Summer. Sharks can be up to 100 pounds and several species are good eating. Total fishing time is generally 3 hours. This is our bread and butter trip where 50+ fish are almost always caught per trip. Price $600 for up to 6 people. 

Private 7 Hour Trip – On the 7 hour trip we will fish up to 20 nautical miles offshore. The 7 hour trip provides a much better opportunity to catch king mackerel, barracuda and at times amberjack and the trip is a significant upgrade over the 4 hour trip. Bottom fishing on the 7 hour trip is much better also. Big sea bass are likely along with possible, snapper and grouper during the summer and fall. Generally, we start out trolling on this trip and conclude the day by bottom fishing on the most promising spots we found while trolling. Total fishing time is around 5 hours. If you are having such a great time you could while out there extend this trip to 8 hours (If I am not already booked up in the afternoon).  However, if you are considering staying longer, it is best to book the 9 hour so we can fish up to 35 nm offshore.  Price $1,050 for up to 6 people.

Private 9 Hour Trip – The 9 hour trip we will fish up to 35 nautical miles offshore. This trip tends to be a significantly better option than the 7 hour in July and August as the king mackerel and barracuda move further offshore to look for cooler and deeper water. Also, Amberjack, grouper and snapper are significantly more likely to catch as we will be fishing water as deep as 100 feet instead of a max of 75 feet on the 7 hour trips. Total fishing time is around 6 hours.  Most Myrtle Beach boats consider this trip and the 11 hour to be a “Gulf Steam” trip. In reality, the Gulf Stream ranges from 60 to 80 nautical miles offshore of our area. Yet 35 nm offshore offers extremely nice fishing opportunities and is the reason this trip is often marketed as “Gulf Stream” by some charter outfits. Price $1,350 for up to 6 people.

Private 11 Hour Trip –  Let’s depart at 6:30am but if you wish, we can consider a 4am departure on this trip. If you are interested in serious bottom fishing and trolling right on the edge of the Gulf Stream (in fact some days during the Summer we will be in the Gulf Stream depending on the Gulf Stream’s current location) this may be the trip for you. Fishing up to 55 nautical miles offshore in water as deep as 140′ and allows us to fish some of the most fruitful fishing grounds in the area. Most of the Follow Me’s secret GPS fishing numbers are within range on this trip so  we love the style and type of fishing offered on this 11 hour trip.  Additional fish caught on the 11 hour trip that are not caught (as often) on the 9 hour trip include: grouper, mahi mahi, African pompano, gray snapper, pink snapper, hog snapper, and triggerfish. This trip offers an excellent chance to catch big gamefish over 30 pounds, and excellent eating bottom fish. It is not uncommon actually usually to catch one or more barracuda 30 to 50 pounds or a 8 foot sandbar shark. Total fishing time is around 7 to 8 hours depending on sea condition and how far we have to run offshore to find fish.  Price $1,650 for up to 6 people. This is Captain Forest’s and Fred’s favorite personal trip. 

Private Gulfstream 13 Hour Trip – Let’s depart at night (4am to 6:30am) and go to the Gulfstream and experience deep drop (electric reel) bottom fishing for tilefish, snowy grouper, rose fish, and other deep water species that will see the light of day for the first time in their life when you reel them up from total darkness in water as deep as 600′ out as far as  70 nautical miles. Bottom fishing in 600′ means a light on your rig, electric reels, and sometimes a 3 pound weight. Also mixed in will possibly be trolling for tuna, wahoo, and dolphin fish (mahi mahi) depending on what is biting best and the most effective use of time. This trip is our Rolls Royce that offers the best of everything from catching a wide variety of snapper and grouper on the bottom, to trolling for tuna, dolphin fish, wahoo, king mackerel, amberjack and barracuda. We have time on this trip to determine where the fish are residing for the day and to spend most of the time catching them. Both Capt. Forest and Capt. Fred always accompany customers on this trip so you are guaranteed the best combination of fishing expertise anywhere around. This is a super fun trip that often results in lots of fish for the freezer. Local restaurants even charter us on this trip to fill their freezer. On this trip we also generally hit many of the 11 hour spots on the way in as different fish like different depths.  Price $1,950 for up to 6 people. Main-CTA