Follow Me Charters:  Serving The Ocean Isle Beach Area Since 1992 

The rates below is for chartering the entire 42 ft. Prowler boat, with captain (the rate is not a per person charge). We have perhaps the biggest boat, the newest boat, and the most hard working crew (father and son) at Ocean Isle Beach. You get the owners of the business as your captain and mate since 1992, not hired hands. The rate on the 42 ft boat for all trips is $175 per hour for up to six customers per trip + normally 20% tip. Cash is appreciated to avoid credit card fees.

*We pick up on the docks behind Sheffield’s on Ocean Isle Beach*

All trips include: bait, tackle, ice for fish,  NC saltwater fishing licenses, 20 minutes of fish cleaning, and bottled water. Be sure to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, and what you wish to eat or drink (other than water).  Mate works for tips. Common in the industry but NEVER on the Follow Me are the following: No credit card processing fees, No captain’s fees, No extra person charges *** and yes you get to keep the fish you catch (if in season/legal). No fuel surcharge on the Follow Me but 20% tip is normal and customary on each trip.

Pay with check or cash at end of trip (or charge on a credit card). 

Trips can be designed for any duration (4 hour minimum). Below are common trips run. We only run private trips. Nobody other than who you invite will be on your trip other than Captain Fred or Captain Forest and a First Mate. (The first mate is always either Fred or Forest). Max allowed is 6 passengers (not counting Captain and the First Mate). 

We generally leave the dock with over 15 rods pre rigged for the style of trip you book (4, 8 or 12 hour)

1 nautical mile = 1.15 highway miles

Private 4 Hour Half Day Trip  – The 4 hour trip is designed as a fishing trip that will range out to 10 nautical miles.  On this trip we will fish for some combination of Spanish mackerel, sea bass, red snapper (closed season) and sharks, with the possibility of a cobia, king mackerel, or barracuda.  However, there are not as many cobia, kings or barracuda this close in, so if you are interested in these fish, check out the 8 or 12 hour trips, but we still could catch one on the 4 hour! Spanish mackerel fishing consists of trolling spoons with rods and hand lines at 5 to 7 mph. Spanish are excellent eating fish and average 1 to 2 pounds, most of the Spanish we catch will be of legal size on this trip.  Sea bass (and a few red snapper and grouper) will be targeted by drifting with squid and fishing on the bottom and most of the sea bass we catch on this trip are not legal size to keep, but sometimes we catch up to 10 legal sea bass out of the normal 100 we catch. Shark fishing is commonly done while we are bass fishing and there are always plenty of bass to be caught year-round on this trip. Sharks are generally 3 to 4 feet long and are good eating but we encourage catch and release on sharks but are happy to clean a couple (if legal size) for you to try.  Total fishing time is generally 3 hours. This is a great trip, relatively close to land where 60+ fish are almost always caught per trip.  Price $700 for up to 6 people, plus tip. 

Private 8 Hour Full Day Trip – On the 8 hour trip we will fish up to 30 nautical miles offshore. The 8 hour trip provides a much better opportunity to catch king mackerel, barracuda, little tunny, big red snapper (season closed) and amberjack and the trip is a significant upgrade (on what you can catch) over the 4 hour trip and the boat is rigged 50 percent differently than on the 4 hour trip to reflect the potential fish we may encounter.  Bottom fishing on the 8 hour trip is much better also. Big sea bass are likely along with possible vermillion snapper, gray snapper and grouper during the summer and fall.  On this trip a good portion of what we catch is of legal size. We will be fishing water from 55 to 90 feet instead of a max of 55 feet on the 4 hour trips.  Total fishing time is around 5 to 6 hours. If you are having such a great time, you could while out there, extend this trip to 9 hours (If I am not already booked up in the afternoon).  All trips are $175 per hour dock to dock. However, if you are considering staying longer, it is best to book the 12 hour trip so we can fish 40 to 55 nm offshore and rig the boat slightly different to reflect possible 12 hour fish encounters.  Price $1,400 for up to 6 people, plus tip. 

Private 12 Hour Gulf Stream Trip  –  Let’s depart at 6:30am but if you wish, we can consider a 4am or 5am departure on this trip.  This 12 hour fishing trip is a significant upgrade (on what you can catch)  over the 8 hour trip.  Generally in the Summer we will fish 35 to 55 miles offshore in water 90 to 135 feet. This 35 to 55 mile range is Captain Forest’s and Fred’s favorite personal trip (opposed to running 60 to 70 nautical miles, which we rarely do personally) and on this trip we target king mackerel, amberjack, baracuda, little tunny, cobia, African pompano, grouper, vermillion snapper, red snapper (season closed), gray snapper, pink snapper, triggerfish, tilefish, scorpion fish, jumbo sea bass and maybe 10 other species.  It is possible to catch over 100 pounds of legal eating fish on this trip (we provide 20 minutes of fish cleaning, so you may need to hire the fish market clean your fish on this trip as the fish cleaning job could be over 5 hours if we are lucky. I can arrange this extra service for you if desired). If the weather is right, and we get a good fishing report, we can venture out 60 miles to the Gulf Stream and troll for wahoo, blackfin tuna, mahi mahi, and possibly a yellowfin tuna or billfish if we are lucky.  Fishing the Gulf Stream is excellent in the Spring and Fall but slows in the Summer so we normally in mid-summer do not spend the time traveling to the Gulf Stream since we can catch plenty of fish closer in giving you more fishing time. No matter if we fish 40 miles out or 60 miles out, the 12 hour trip offers an excellent chance to catch big gamefish over 30 pounds, and excellent eating bottom fish. In fact, is not uncommon to catch fish over 50 pounds or an 8 foot sandbar shark (catch and release only) even fishing at 40 miles. Total fishing time is around 7 to 9 hours depending on sea condition and how far we travel offshore.  Price $2,100 for up to 6 people, plus tip.