Call or Email to discuss SCUBA Options. There are multiple Civil War Era, War War II Era, and even recent large wrecks (not sunk on purpose) available to dive off our coast.  In addition, we have many reefs and ledges. Below is an outline of what to expect generally. Check out the videos of our dives and fishing.

We also offer spearfishing and lobster dives.

7-12 miles offshore – Visibility 10 to 40 feet (average 25). Smaller fish, flounder, spadefish, sheepshead, barracuda. Depths 50 to 65 feet.

18-30 miles offshore – Visibility 20 to 70 feet (average 40). Wide variety of small and large fish, sharks, and even tropical fish. Depths 65 to 90 feet.

30-50 miles offshore – Visibility can exceed 100 feet on a good day (average >60).  Full tropical fish and big lobsters are possible along with the same fish we encounter on the 20-30 mile range trips. Depths 45 to 130 feet.  A unique dive on this trip is the Frying Pan Tower, it is 45 miles offshore and sits on a shoal in 45 feet of water.  It is not uncommon for the water clarity to allow one “to see the ripples in the sand at this site from the boat” during the Summer.

Max of 6 Divers, we can do diving and fishing combinations if desired.  Must be certified with valid C-Card and advanced certification preferred.  You supply all equipment. Equipment can possibly be rented from Coastal Scuba in Myrtle Beach.

Captain Forest and Captain Fred are both advanced certified divers. Captain Forest will personally dive with you if desired.  This is an excellent option if you have 1 diver among a group of fishermen.  Forest will buddy up with the diver and Captain Fred can fish near by (within 100 yards) with the other fishermen. Forest has made 100s of dives off the coast, deep as 190 feet, has experience diving doubles, decompression diving, and the works.  Today he dives 100% with a single nitrox/air tank and an air 30cf pony tank as emergency back up.